About HYS*

HYS* Stands for Hell Yearns Salvation

"A Fool's Paradise is a Wise Man's Hell.."

HYS* is a DIY streetwear company. All items are hand screenprinted by Dominique "HYS* Dom" Victome. 

Each item is made with special treatments to enhance our design process. Not every item comes out the exact same as the other. Some items may have smudges, burns, fade, or misprinted. These are all characteristics of HYS*. 

Basically, the main goal of this company is to show you that nothing is perfect and nothing ever will be. You have to be able to understand everyone's opinion on perfection is not the same. Your Heaven could be someone's Hell. Therefore, Hell Yearns Salvation.

if you have any suggestions on whatd you think I can improve on, please email me at [email protected]